Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another day has gone by

Hey Friends,
Another day has gone by.
I just learned on the radio that blogging seems t be good therapy for the soul, I don't know what to think of it, but it sure feels good to write down some words at the end of the day.
We got our second closing ready, remember, the one that was going to close today? well that didn't happen, but I got the extension signed and finally have the monies in escrow. The extension is set for 31st of this month... let's hope it'll happen.
Our third one also needed an extension signed till end of the week and I'm just of the phone with the buyers' realtor and she's on her way to get that done. Now it's hoping for that second Mortgage Holder to come trough with an agreement. Otherwise we'll need to get our attorney involved and have him contact the judge. Another option is getting hold of a supervisor at the bank and be nasty... I prefer the first option.
Anyway, today we have signed another property for a weekend Monkey Sale, this time it's an investors' property. A nice rehabbed home.
This evening I've spend some time calling people that contacted us moths ago but where not ready to use our services. A good thing I did that because some people changed their mind and where happy to hear from us.
Tomorrow we'll have a training on how to modify our website and make better use of it. I really am looking forward to that because it needs a lot of work.
Keep checking on us and you'll see the progress.