Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another day has gone by

Hey Friends,
Another day has gone by.
I just learned on the radio that blogging seems t be good therapy for the soul, I don't know what to think of it, but it sure feels good to write down some words at the end of the day.
We got our second closing ready, remember, the one that was going to close today? well that didn't happen, but I got the extension signed and finally have the monies in escrow. The extension is set for 31st of this month... let's hope it'll happen.
Our third one also needed an extension signed till end of the week and I'm just of the phone with the buyers' realtor and she's on her way to get that done. Now it's hoping for that second Mortgage Holder to come trough with an agreement. Otherwise we'll need to get our attorney involved and have him contact the judge. Another option is getting hold of a supervisor at the bank and be nasty... I prefer the first option.
Anyway, today we have signed another property for a weekend Monkey Sale, this time it's an investors' property. A nice rehabbed home.
This evening I've spend some time calling people that contacted us moths ago but where not ready to use our services. A good thing I did that because some people changed their mind and where happy to hear from us.
Tomorrow we'll have a training on how to modify our website and make better use of it. I really am looking forward to that because it needs a lot of work.
Keep checking on us and you'll see the progress.

Monday, July 14, 2008

One down 2 to go

Hey Friends, just a quick update.
Remember the one we needed to close with agreement from the first mortgage holder and an expired one from the second? Well it all cam trough. The bank gave us until the 28th to close.
Now I am chasing the title company and the buyer so that they can get their act together.
The one that needs to close tomorrow is still No Go. I called the buyer's agent and asked for an extension. Meanwhile I chase this second mortgage holder for an answer.
Then the other one that needs to close on the 17th. I've sent him all he needs. Still think they can't pull this one of in 2 days.
On the marketing side all goes well, we are getting more than 800 letters out this week, talking about how we can help people. Let's hope some of them listen :-)
Also marketing of our next weekend sale goes on schedule, tomorrow John takes pictures and prepares the video tour so check that one out on www.sellthatmonkey.com
Today a lady called she's upside down on all her properties, three months behind in payments on two of them. I think we can help by negotiating a short sale. But she still is in denial ...
Denial is your worst enemy
I have a friend who picks houses up from people in distress, he asks them the following question: on a scale from 0 to 10 how do you judge your motivation to sell? when they reply anything below a 10, he replies... call me when you are a 10
that means call me when you're desperate...
I really hope that I can catch people before they turn into a 10
Our goal is to HELP not to take advantage... but some people still think they'll solve it... an they won't..
too bad

Another week starts

Another week starts
Hey guys I was going to journal, showing how we do things around here.
This is going to be a hectic week. We need to prepare a home for next weekend Quick Close Sale and we need to get 3 closings done. On one we finally have the approval from the 1st Mortgage Holder, we already had an approval from the second Mortgage Holder so you would think we're good to go right? Well no, the approval from the second was valid 30 days and it took the first more than that to make up his mind. So we need to chase that second.
Then we have a closing planned for the 17th and we don't have the money in escrow yet. I spoke with the Mortgage broker and buyer on Saturday and the both assured me that all would be okay. Well I don't think so, I need to chase this as they don't even have an appraisal done.
On the 3rd house I have an approval of the first Mortgage Holder but the second has been a nightmare. We have a contract for sale to close on the 15th and desperately need that agreement from the second. If not foreclosure is set for the 21st...
Those are this weeks priorities.
I'll keep you posted

Monday, July 7, 2008

How it all started

I would like to start this blog by telling how MonkeySold came to life.
So, here's the story.
A couple of years ago I made some good money and decided to invest it all in Real Estate. I took some 'Investors' classes, became a Real Estate Agent and a Mortgage Broker and started buying single family homes and some Commercial Real Estate.
All my properties where bought with 20 to 50% down and all was going well.
Every year I would refinance some properties and use the cash to buy some new ones.
All was going well until I had 7 vacancies and the market started to tank.
I really needed to sell some assets and I really needed to do it quickly.
A friend of mine advised me to look into a Quick Close Sales method, and that's how I found myself at a training course in Quick Sales (some call it 2 day sales). The course left me all pumped up, as a sales pro and marketeer, I really am convinced that today's Real Estate market needs some aggressive sales methods and this method is not only innovative it is also the fastest way to sell.
So I found myself motivated, ready to conquer the world of Real Estate but with no client or home to try out my new skills.
And as I am a firm believer in getting your feet wet and learn by trial and error, I desperately needed a home owner who wanted to use my newly acquired skills.

A couple of days later I am having breakfast with a friend of whom I know that he has his home on the market and I'm telling him about my new revolutionary sales methods. He tells me that he has been praying for someone to help him as he really is pressured to sell his home.
It took him two weeks to convince his Realtor, who had the listing for more than a year, to release him from the listing agreement.
That gave me 2 weeks to get my act together and to deliver proof of concept.

2 weeks later we had an open house at his property and sold the home that Sunday night for a little bit more than what was owed to the bank.

The good part was that the bank offered me a Real Estate commission on the sale.
Next thing you know, we're selling a home every weekend.
Not every home sells for what is owed to the bank, but I learned that the bank takes the offers that I bring them as they know that this method is giving them the highest and best value the market can offer.

So now 'MonkeySold' is not only a solution for selling a home fast but it has also become an expert in Short Sales.

This blog is intended to share the story of helping people.