Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hud Foreclosures Only $100 downpayment required

Effective immediately, FHA has extended the $100 HUD Repo Program that allows borrowers to purchase HUD-owned properties. In addition to requiring only a $100 down payment, borrowers may also obtain financing up to 110% of the loan amount. Appraiser-required repairs up to $5,000 and all closing costs and pre-paid expenses may be financed up to 110% of the lesser of the appraised value or purchase price.

In many cases, additional HUD incentives apply. In some markets, additional borrower incentives, as high as $2,500, may be used toward closing costs and pre-paid expenses. In more limited markets, selling real estate agents may also be eligible for up to $500 in sales incentives when borrowers choose certain FHA financing. These incentives are provided by HUD, and may be changed or discontinued by HUD at any time.

HUD-owned properties may be researched on the Web sites of the management companies each
FHA Homeownership Center has hired to market HUD-owned properties under their jurisdiction.
FHA provides a link to each state’s management company at http://www.hud.gov/homes

.. NHMS – Florida, New York, New Jersey, Ohio

Not all states and/or counties may be eligible for the $100 down program.

I thought you all might be interested in this, have a great day!

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Short sales are the way to go!

Short sales are the way to go!
And I know, believe me. I have lost all my savings by investing in real estate. Although I was cautious and have been putting 20 to 30% down. I still got in trouble because of a high vacancy rate.
So let me share some experience.
When you see it coming and you know you’re going to fall behind, you are desperately trying to save your credit.
So first thing you do is trying to be pro active.
You call the bank, explain the situation and ask for a loan modification or any other help.
And what do they reply?
Sorry, can’t help you.
You’re not behind in payments.
So? You’re telling me that I have to stop paying in order to get you to help me?
It’s so frustrating but it is a fact, you have to stop paying for them to listen or help!
Well, when you stop paying, your credit gets a hit.
Result of that is that they won’t help you because now you have bad credit.
So, they are shooting themselves in the foot.
Now, here’s the deal.
In a short sale the bank accepts a lower payoff, they waive deficiency Judgment and it appears on your credit report as a settled debt.
That’s much better than a foreclosure or judgment.
Now You’ll be able to apply for another loan in about 18 months.
Why would a lender do that?
They look at the actual value of the property, that means today’s value, Not what you owe.
Because they know if they foreclose they are only going to get market value or below anyway.
On top of that, a foreclosure is costing the lender on average $50,000 and it is bad for the lenders credit score as now they have an increase in foreclosures. So they are seen as bad lenders, and as a result of that they need more reserves, that means less money to work with.
Are you still with me?
The best is yet to come
So, Now the lender accepts my buyers short sale offer, forgives me the difference in what I owe and what the property is sold for AND waives deficiency judgment against me.
Good Stuff.
Now watch out!
When you decide to go that route, make sure that you use a licensed Realtor or specialized processing company. Don’t try this on your own!
Do you due diligence, ask the Realtor how many short sales he has successfully done, check out the Better Business Bureau. Because time is of the essence. And the clock is ticking.
Also once you work with someone, keep checking with your lender, nothing wrong with checking if your Realtor does his job.
Last but not least, make sure you have an offer on the property!
Any offer will do.
Because, again, your Lender won’t move as long as you don’t make him to.
Why does an offer make them move?
They have to, because if they don’t, you will tell the Judge.
So, now they appoint an appraiser, they check out the value and will get back to you with a Yeah or Nay.
When it’s a Nay, you’ll know how much they are looking for and believe me they are not unreasonable.
As long as you or your Realtor don’t come up with one of those ‘investors’ offers and try to steal the property from the bank, they will accept any offer that is close to market value.
So what are you waiting for?
Get that Monkey Off of Your Back!
Go short sale!

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